As a developmental editor, I specialize in taking your written work from conceptually shaky to outstandingly sturdy. And I can do this in two ways:

Your first option, if you’re still at the brainstorming stage, would be to hire me for a conversation where I help you develop your ideas through back-and-forth dialogues. I can also provide a brainstorming session after reading your partial, if you have particular concerns you want to talk through.

Your second option, if you have a complete draft of your work, would be to hire me in a more traditional developmental role, where I’d read your work and provide feedback, either in a developmental letter, or–more thoroughly–in page by page marginal comments.

If you’re a fiction writer, that means I’ll comment on narrative flow, character design and continuity, thematic clarity, organizational structure, and world-building pitfalls.

If you’re a non-fiction or academic writer, that means I’ll comment on strength of argument, logical information delivery, accessibility of language, thematic clarity, and organizational structure.


“Alex has engaged with my work with a thoughtfulness and sensitivity that I have been consistently impressed by. They always take great care to root down to the thematic core of my stories and to understand my creative intentions, offering precise and useful feedback that have helped to strengthen my work.” – Isha Karki, Clarion West Graduate ’19

“Alex has an amazing eye for detail while providing insightful comments that help my stories reach their full potential. It is always a pleasure working with them, they are patient and suggest changes that match my authorial style. I know that with Alex my stories are in good hands.” – Eugenia Triantafyllou, Clarion West Graduate ’19

“Alex Crawley is, simply put, one of the best editors and writing consultants I’ve ever encountered. They are dazzlingly creative as well as punctiliously careful in their attention to detail. Perhaps most importantly, they genuinely seek to understand what you as an author wish to do—and then provide marvelous support in helping you fulfill your highest goals. If that means kicking your ass with conceptual, or even political, challenges, Alex doesn’t hesitate to offer that service—all while being immensely kind and super caring. Alex is brilliant; you will find them indispensable in your reaching your own brilliance.” – Robert D. Johnston, PhD, Professor of History and Director of Teaching of History Program, University of Illinois at Chicago