With 15+ years as an educator behind me, and a particular interest in one-on-one tutoring and individualized curriculum, I’m ready to help you grow.

Whether you want help with a particular skill–researching, planning, outlining, drafting–or the whole shebang, I can definitely help you cultivate your writing, find your voice, and build your confidence.


What’s the whole shebang?

  • Clarifying your writing goals
  • Creating a personalized roadmap to authorial success
  • Working together on time management, with accountability calls or emails
  • Assessing challenges and surprises as they come up in your writing
  • Getting you through that first rough draft
  • Creating clear plans for revision, with room for adjustment
  • Organizing, outlining, or mindmapping
  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Dealing with oh-so-pesky writer’s block
  • Tutoring on the fundamentals of fiction/non-fiction writing
  • Assisting with research, synthesis, and analysis

How does a coaching relationship work?

I offer a free half hour phone call to assess your needs and make sure we’re a good fit as a team.

Then, I’ll charge a flat fee for our first month together, which covers my subject matter expertise (if you’re working on a technical project), my time reading your pages and coming up to speed on your written work (and/or research), and weekly hour-long coaching sessions and accountability check ins. Expect this first month to be exploratory and malleable as we figure out your core concerns, your writing habits, and your SMART goals.

At the end of the month, we should have a much better idea of what sort of accountability you require, how many pages you need to produce, where your research needs to go, how you like to learn, whether you would continue to benefit from weekly coaching, etc. At that point, we’ll draft a schedule and settle in to a new monthly or hourly payment plan, depending on what’s equitable for the workload.

Does coaching include editing?

Editing is a separate skill that you can also hire me for!

Are you going to be mean to me?

My coaching tends towards kindness, humor, and safety–in other words, I like to create an atmosphere where you can do your best work when you’re already feeling the pressure to produce word count, meet deadlines, or confront fears.

If you’re under deadline? The worst I’ve ever been accused of is “stern…”

Additionally, while I am honest in my reviews of work, I’ve had far too many cruel encounters with writing coaches and professors to ever inflict that on someone else. I will meet you where you are with respect and encouragement.