Hi there! I’m a writer, editor, and tutor with experience in both academic and creative roles. If you are looking for someone to produce exciting content, edit your materials, or coach you through a written project with a keen eye toward narrative flow, thematic and structural clarity, academic/creative voice, or character design – I can help.

* PhD in History and Science & Technology Studies; well versed in Chicago Manual of Style, academic research methods, paper/dissertation/manuscript writing, and long-term project coordination and management. Subject area expertise in the history of masculinity, medicine, and mental health.

* Graduate of the nationally acclaimed Clarion West Writers Workshop; well versed in narrative design, creative writing/editing, character development, and sensitivity reading for nonbinary, transmasc, ace/aro identities.

* Award-winning educator, certified in the philosophy of teaching history and adult learning theory, ready to help you develop as a writer and find your unique voice

* Avid blogger on topics ranging from Victoriana to folklore; health and wellness to vegetarian cooking; historical method to queer studies.

* Regular communication is very important to me, so let’s keep in touch during regular working hours 9-5, PST.

* My pronouns are they/them, even if you’re just gossiping about me over tea.