Hi there!

AS A SPECIAL NOTE: If you just met me at Norwescon, you’re in the right place! My new Lodestar Editing & Coaching website should be up in the next few weeks.

Until then…

I’m a Seattle based independent scholar, writer, and editor with expertise in both fiction and non-fiction.

If you’re looking to hire me as a fiction editor or writing coach, I’m particularly well-suited to work on character-driven fiction in the following genres: soft science fiction, low fantasy, urban fantasy, folklore feels, romance, paranormal, alt-history, and slipstream. I’ve critiqued 100+ short stories that have gone on to appear in online magazines like Lightspeed, Uncanny, and Clarkesworld. And I’m moving into work on novels and novellas, as well.

I wouldn’t say I prefer queer narratives, but I will say, they speak to me as a queer person. So bring your queer darlings to my doorstep.

If you’re looking to hire me as a non-fiction editor or writing coach, my subject area expertise ranges pretty widely: Actor-Network Theory; Adult Learning Theory; Bioethics; British History; Classification Theory; European Enlightenment, Empire, and Decolonization; Gender Studies; Historiography; History of Masculinity; History of Medicine; History of Mental Health; Medical Humanities; Philosophy of Teaching History; Science & Technology Studies; Queer Studies; World History.

I’m an expert in academic research, well-versed in Chicago Manual of Style, and happy to help you work on anything from papers, to journal articles, to first monographs. I do not work on dissertations as an editor for ethical reasons, but I will happily coach you on a dissertation project.

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